Thursday , August 16th 2018

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Sport Belt (Lumbo-Sacral Support), Small, Blue Review

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Sport Belt (Lumbo-Sacral Support), Small, Blue Review


Model: M NWA-152 S B



    • S and M sizes are 9″ tall in the back. L and XL sizes are 11″ tall in the back
    • Two additional side pulls are designed for better fitting and tension adjustment
    • Six spring metal stays provide increased stability and support to the lower back
    • Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) material helps retain body heat, increases circulation and provides all-way stretch and compression
    • Finished edges for better look and durability



M NWA-152 S B Reviews

“Great Support For Lower Back And Upper Sacral Area”

I Really like this belt!

I spent hours looking at straps seeking to find one to support both the lumbar and sacral area to ease back pain and this one is perfect. It’s quite easy to wear and remove and is extremely comfortable.It is well-made and durable and may be machine-washed in cold water and also air-fluff dried. I suggest you either air the belt outside for a day or 2 or put in the clothes dryer on air fluff with a softener sheet for many hours to allow the neoprene odor to dissipate if it disturbs you.The first time you use the belt you place the velcro arms then leave them attached to the belt when putting on or taking off the belt.Sizes recorded on the box are S, M, L and XL and the buckle sizes run small, so order the maximum size to your measurements. This belt is suitable for both women and men but won’t fit the individual having a protruding abdomen.It has a pocket for inserting either a cold or hot pack. I suggest you wear it on a t-shirt, etc. to prevent chafing of skin. A shirt may be worn over the belt so no one sees it.This belt is especially helpful if you sit for long periods (e.g. in the computer or piano, etc.) and for walking and other exercise. In preventing the fatigue and discomfort in my lower spine caused by poor posture and muscles, it’s made a tremendous difference. It is strongly recommended by me ; it’s a good value for the money.

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Sport Belt (Lumbo-Sacral Support), Small, Blue Review | M NWA-152 S B Review


“Good Quality-Read Below If The Size Doesnt Seem Right! ”

I’m a big guy and a rug cleaner. I need a sturdy Lumbar Support Belt.This is your best quality Lumbar Support Belt I have found.Getting to know the correct proceedure to put the belt on, but has taken a great deal of work in my behalf.I purchased a XXL belt which is presumed to be for sizes around 50. The belt comes and measures no longer than 46. Im sure there must be some error. After much work, returning two belts to AMAZON(!) And contacting the company both on the phone and email I want to report the final result to you.Other belts may be placed on just by wrapping the belt around you and then tightening the velcro straps. Not so with this belt.THE SECRET IS THAT THE BELT Cannot BE PUT ON WITHOUT COMPLETELY DISENGAGING THE VELCRO STRAPS. The belt will stretch to the maximum specified span, after this is completed, THEN attach the velcro straps to tighten as needed.One other bit of advice: Dont contact the manufacturer of this product! They dont want to hear from you and are not equipped to answer questions for the products’ customer! They have a customer service area on their site. This, I was told, is for their resellers, not you! Sorry. If you do contact them they wont like they didnt reply mine answer your own questions.

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Sport Belt (Lumbo-Sacral Support), Small, Blue Review | M NWA-152 S B Review